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AcroTec offers a range of high quality Business Solutions to meet your needs.


Have you adopted a fail-safe solution for backing up your data?

Your data is one of your most critical and valuable assets. It may be intangible, however it is essential you can access it at all times and with no doubt it has been corrupted.

Hard drives are built to last for years however sometimes they fail. It may happen overnight or it may deteriorate over some time. One day it may even end up unusable, with no warning. Similarly USB sticks.

Back-up procedures are beneficial for a variety of reasons, mainly: 1) To recover data after its loss, be it by deletion (accidental or wear-and-tear or other); or 2) To recover data from a previous period in time, such as for accounting purposes.

At AcroTec, we provide secure offsite storage of your data to ensure peach of mind. This includes your entire online presence, such as website information and databases, as well as your file server and other hardware stored within your office.

We offer full service data recovery options when emergencies do arise, and use BackupAssist to help you with all your Back-up needs.

Don’t be a company that loses its data simply because no back-up procedure had been put in place. Contact AcroTec today.

Unified Communications

Do you spend excessive amounts of time sitting in traffic, on a bus, or in places where you could be doing something else? What if you could access your mailbox and calendar from a remote location just by using your voice?

Imagine an office where all of your communication needs could be accessed from anywhere within your network – your emails from your smart phone, video conferencing from your tablet, meeting notes via your laptop and more.

Voicemails, emails, faxes, instant messaging, VoIP and conference calls could be available from your PC or smart phone; whilst sitting at home, in your office, on the bus or train, or in the airport whilst waiting to catch a flight.

With more and more people working on-the-move and from remote locations, having accessibility and unified communications throughout your company is essential. Business protocols are placing increasing demands on being contactable and responding often outside of the traditional core business hours. Real-time services may be accessed from wherever there is a data connection or for some services a simple voice line. For example, our easy-to-use voice control (Integrated Voice Response) can read your emails to you or let you check your calendar and appointments, preventing you from squinting to read the text on a small smartphone, utilising often wasted time sitting in the car in traffic, and freeing up time to work on more pressing issues once you’re in the office.

At AcroTec, we recognise how quickly society is advancing, and the increased importance of developing suitable routines, technology and solutions to meet our ever-changing environment and lifestyles.

We understand how precious your time is – and have a range of solutions to ensure your time can be better utilised, with the least amount of dollars spent.

Contact AcroTec today to help you better integrate and optimise your business processes. Arrange your free demonstration here. 

Video Conferencing

The world is now a highly connected place, with business expectations increasing rapidly. Being able to attend conference calls at any time of day is now considered normal, and having the technology to do so is just as critical.

Video conferencing has become extremely popular – some of these reasons are:

  • Allows you to maintain face-to-face business relationships without geographic constraints
  • Saves people having to fly around the world, or interstate, which has a huge impact on time, money, lifestyle and stress levels
  • It’s a more environmentally friendly approach.


This technology enables you to have entire offices or large groups of people interact with other participants, rather than simply offering one-on-one contact; and, gives you the opportunity to communicate higher volumes of information in shorter periods of time through your data networks.

Your experiences are far more interactive and engaging, and the financial cost is lower than you think, greatly outweighing the time lost with family, friends or enjoying favourite past-times.

Contact AcroTec today to assess your conferencing needs, and help you embrace the future.

It Security 

Everyone wants the feeling of security – your employees, customers, stakeholders, and owners.

You lock your car everyday, put an alarm on in your house, and sometimes for peace-of-mind write down your passwords and put them in a ‘safe’ place for emergency access.

The big question then is, have you adopted these same routines for your business?

If your answer is no, you need to seriously look at your company’s security measures.

Security in the past used to be about locking doors to offices, filing cabinets and server rooms. Today, there is so much more to it, including:

  • Password administration
  • Anti-virus software
  • Firewalls to prevent unwanted access to your servers
  • Protection mechanisms to counteract malware and spam
  • Operating system updates and patches
  • Encryption of documents, email and web communications
  • Monitoring of user website views.

AcroTec can help protect your business, by developing a tailored Security solution for you. Contact us now.

System Monitoring 

Do you lie awake at night wondering if your systems are working at their optimal levels? Are you concerned about unexpected system outages?

At AcroTec, we aim to reduce your stress levels and ensure your system monitoring concerns are addressed before it’s too late.

Our experts work around the clock to ensure our clients’ needs are met, and that disruptions are minimal or non-existent.

We understand how disruptive system failures can be and have a range of solutions to cater accordingly – including system error checking, preventative maintenance procedures, development plans for system upgrades, as well as forecasting of usage, and identifying the need to increase capacity such as for servers or databases.

Our trained professionals can also assess when computers are not evenly distributing the load, and adapt processes where required.

Don’t let your systems bring you down. Ask AcroTec to help you.

Case Study: How AcroTec System Monitoring helped Royston Aluminium

Office Re-locations

At AcroTec, we believe in partnering with our clients. We ensure we understand all the key facets of your business so that your IT solutions at your new location are optimal for the services you’re trying to provide. We don’t simply repeat what you already have in your current space unless you specifically request this.

We strive to ensure seamless transitions of all IT components, and that there is minimal disruption to your business and customers.

We will work with your service providers to ensure all Networks are transferred, and consult extensively with you on your data cabling, wiring, pipeline, routers, communication services, sizes of equipment and all technology-related needs.

Our team of experts will also work closely with you on ensuring server rooms and IT-specific spaces meet necessary standards and designs, such as the level of air-conditioning required, racks, fire suppression; as well as risk analysis and reports.

At AcroTec, we have extensive experience in office relocations and are passionate about ensuring this transfer is exactly how you want it.

We take project management seriously and can guide you every step of the way, from start to finish. No project is too small. We have capacity to assist you in starting up a new office, as well as three month plus lead times for advanced installations.

We act with integrity and passion, and are always committed to delivering our services to the highest standard.

Contact us for your no-obligation consultation.

Case Study: Office relocation for ???

It Optimisation 

Are your IT solutions integrated? Are they communicating with each other so that target levels are achieved? Are there PCs, servers or networks which are duplicating processes unnecessarily?

When was the last time you looked at your IT infrastructure – needs and solutions?

Our team at AcroTec assess your architectural needs, and ensure the right systems are being used for the purposes they were intended. We also ensure your business’ IT solutions are scalable, so that as your organisation grows, your IT services can grow painlessly with you.

Time is money, and it’s important your systems are working in the most effective and efficient way possible. You expect this of your employees – the same applies for your business’ systems and IT solutions.

Let AcroTec fine tune your IT presence, and ensure your nominated systems and designs are reliable, working for you in the best possible way, and are in fact the best alternatives for your individual circumstances.