File Servers

File servers provide a centralised location for the storage of all your company’s documents. They may be used to improve workflow, share documents of common interest, categorise files, or archive important documents.

They help with securing data, controlling who may access the files, often include print server functionality throughout a network, and offer greater accessibility for your employees – saving time and frustration.

Centralising your data storage also enables more effective and efficient backup procedures, which is highly beneficial. (Backup Services)


Databases are much more than just a list or table; and are critical to ensuring the successful management of your company’s information. They help you save time and money, and give you true command of your data, enabling you to retrieve it, sort it, analyse it, summarise it and report results almost instantaneously.

Databases are able to combine data from various files, so that information isn’t duplicated, and are highly beneficial for complex data processing. Many database products are actually tools that are used to develop specific applications, such as sales ordering systems, ticket reservation systems, inventory management, and account transactions.

Unlike conventional programming languages, database development tools make maintaining and managing structured data files easier. They also impose strict design parameters on developers to ensure that data retains its integrity and accuracy.

  • Reduce the amount of time spent managing data
  • Give you the ability to analyse data in a variety of ways promoting a disciplined approach to data management
  • Turn disparate information into a valuable resource
  • Improve the quality and consistency of information

The more you know about your customers, suppliers and competitors, the better. Therefore the gathering, storing and processing of information in the form of databases can provide you with a distinct advantage.

Let AcroTec help you maintain your competitive edge!

Active Directory 

Active Directory is a centralised user and security management solution, which operates in a Windows environment. It offers a reliable working environment for end-users, coupled with high performance and user-friendly features.

Your Active Directory can increase the productivity of users, reduce the burden of IT administration, improve fault tolerance to minimise downtime, enhance security to provide better peace of mind, and leverage the capabilities of other Active Directory-enabled applications.

It can check individuals’ access each and every time a user session is created, by ensuring user name and password information is entered correctly before providing access, and makes the lives of IT staff significantly easier.

Active Directory is essentially a specific database which manages access control. It is designed to manage your data more easily, and can grow as your business grows. It is a crucial piece of infrastructure that is often overlooked. Don’t let it be too late!

AcroTec have extensive experience managing and supporting Active Directory environments. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

IP Telephony 

Would life be easier if could consolidate your data and voice functionalities into the one infrastructure? Well this technology isn’t a thing of the future, it’s available now, and AcroTec are able to offer a variety of solutions to suit your needs.

From a small office, to an interstate network of locations, Internet Protocol Telephony may be just the thing for your business.

IP telephony transmits voice communications over the network using open, standards-based Internet Protocol. It provides highly secure, reliable, scalable communications that take advantage of your Local and Wide Area Networks.

This solution enables you to extend consistent voice communications services to all your employees in their workspaces – whether they be at a branch office, national headquarters, at home, in a remote location or mobile.

Additionally, IP telephony is becoming extremely popular as huge financial savings can be made across many of your business areas – from deployment and management time and costs to ongoing toll and lease charges.

Contact AcroTec today to help your organisation gain a competitive advantage, boost employee productivity, and enhance customer service – by using the right IP telephony solution for you.

Server Virtualisation 

Server Virtualisation is not just a fad – it’s a popular technology solution that is here to stay!

It is a technology for partitioning one physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers can run its own operating system and applications, and perform as if it is an individual server. This makes it possible, for example, to complete development using various operating systems on one physical server or to consolidate servers used by multiple business divisions.

Additionally, you can reduce your hardware costs, environmental impact and minimise your data centre space, power and cooling requirements.

It’s as though you have one server pretending it is multiple.


How is this of benefit to my business?

  1. Lower number of physical servers – you can reduce hardware maintenance costs because of a lower number of physical servers.
  2. By implementing a server consolidation strategy, you can increase the space utilisation efficiency in your data centre.
  3. By having each application within its own “virtual server” you can prevent one application from impacting another application when upgrades or changes are made – availability and business continuity.
  4. You can develop a standard virtual server build that can be easily duplicated which will speed up server deployment.
  5. You can deploy multiple operating system technologies on a single hardware platform.
  6. You can increase efficiency for development and test environments.
  7. By taking advantage of server virtualisation you can also lower your total cost of ownership.

Our experts at AcroTec are available to help you with all your IT solutions. We partner with you to ensure reliable, high quality, affordable and tailored solutions are in place, to meet all your business IT&T needs. Contact us today.

Desktop PC’s

Personal computers are an essential part of how we do business. Most people have laptops, however sticking to the traditional image of computers on desks in an office is not a thing of the past.

AcroTec can help you with all your PC needs from hardware through to software and installations. We can also assess your overall IT infrastructure and make recommendations on gaps, misalignment, and opportunities for improvement.

A poor performing computer can cost you time, money and hours of frustration. Regular maintenance and software updates will ensure the longevity and security of your desktop PC environment.

We understand how critical connectivity and accessibility is for your business – let us help you keep them at bay by installing an up-to-date operating system and anti-virus software.


Can you really have a paperless office? Have you ever tried not to print out a document but found that for whatever reason you simply needed to?

Most offices find that a multi-purpose copier is the best solution. It can print, photocopy and scan documents, whenever you need and send your scans to any email address on your office network. It can also email documents to addresses outside your network by manually entering the address, and can send faxes if you choose to buy an MFP with this function.

Printers come in all types, not just Multi Function Printers. You can also buy ink-jet or laser printers, which are highly useful depending on your usage levels and reasons for printing.

Even the most environmentally conscious workplace still has paper floating around. Printers will always be necessary to do business. Have you addressed your printing needs?

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